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Explanation of Services

Brand/Post Your Products Up to 100 Products

We will scrape data from your website which will include product images, descriptions, pricing, URL for the product and create a Branded Post for each of your products up to 100.

We will Post one Product per day (you do not want to Post more than that) for the duration of your contract.

Each Post will be Branded with your Logo, an attractive border and a brief description on the image. 



Blog Posting

We will create 1 relevant Blog post per week. The post will be put on the client's website. In addition the Blog Post will be segmented up into Social Media Post and disseminated during the week.

Daily Engagement

We go in to the client's Social Media Account, respond to comments, on behalf of the client. Freeing up time for the client. If something urgent requiring the client's attention we will notify them.

Email Sequence

We will create an eight (8) point Email Sequence for your products or services.

Weekly Animated Post

The only thing better that images is Animated Images or Video. So to help grab your follower's attention we will create Animated GIFs for you.

We will take 5-7 of your recent Post we have created for you and create an Animated GIF file and upload to each of your Social Media Platforms.

We will create one GIF per week as long as your contract is.

Click Funnel Page

Create a Click Funnel page for the client for a product or service.

Click Bank Set Up

Create an account on Click Bank and create a listing of the client's product or services so affiliates can sell the client's goods or services.

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