Is everything really done for you (me)?

Yes and No. Let me explain a bit. Engagement is up to you, unless you contract with us to do Engagement for you.

Instagram is one of the different Platforms we deal with.  The Terms of Service for Instagram requires you to manually Post from your phone.  No automation! We have an APP that you will put on your phone along with the Instagram APP. When Buzz Brand Builder Post to Instagram you will be notified in the APP and you will Manually add the Post.

Other than Instagram, yes it is pretty much Done For You.

Can I have more than one company with different company logos?

Sorry you limited to 1 company per account.

Can I specify what time I want each Post to go out?

Absolutely. You can schedule a time that is best for your company to Post. Different industries have different optimum times.

What if I don't have any Social Media Accounts Set Up, can you help?

We are a full service agency. We can set up each of your Social Media Account for you. There is an extra charge, but it will all be Done For You.

I want to get started but I don't have a logo, so I can't start right now.

This is not a problem, we offer logo design services at a very reasonable fee. We can get you a professionally designed logo very quickly.

What is Branding?

A lot of thought goes into creating a Brand. Which is a different topic. Branding in Social Media is getting your Company/Image/Persona in front of people in an attractive professional manner so that they will recognize you at a glance. Your Branding should:
  • Clearly, delivers the message
  • Confirms your credibility 
  • Emotionally connects your target prospects with your product and or service.
  • Motivates the buyer to buy 
  • Creates User Loyalty  

Why should I Brand?

Creating content and Posting without a Brand on what you have done is like throwing money down the drain. Consumers share content all the time, if you are not prominently Branded then the next person down the like does not know where all this fabulous content came from and will likely go to a competitor.

I Post every so often, why isn't that good enough?

It use to be that to get a customer to take action on your marketing material, they need to see it 5 times. With the Internet and everyone bombarding us with information that number has gone up to over 12 times.

I have a Service Business, will this work for me?


This is ideal for a business that offers a Service. People need to remember who you are and if you are Posting on all the Social Media Platforms Consistently, they will remember you. Today they may not be in need of your Service but down the road they will remember you because you have made a lasting impression.

I have Physical Products Business, will this work for me?


We designed this whole program for our Physical Products Companies. The Posting will keep you in the foreground of their thoughts, if you couple the Brand/Post Your Products (an Add On), you will be Posting your Actual Products with links to your Product Page or Funnel.

I am a Speaker, will this work for me?


One of the Most Important keys for a Speaker is being Recognized. If you are Posting Consistently your audience will remember you.  Using the Special Events Add On is especially useful when you are getting ready for an Event.  The Special Event Add On will allow you to create a Countdown Post 30-60-90 days from the date of the Event.

I am an Affiliate Marketer, will this work for me?


Traffic is the Name of the Game in Affiliate Marketing. You have to drive traffic to your Sites/Affiliate Links. The more often you are in front of someone the better the chance they will click on your link. Remember the adage... Jab,Jab, Jab, Left Hook.  Give them Consistent Content and sporadically interlace a pitch and you are miles ahead of the game.

I am a Network Marketer, will this work for me?


That's you in the Center in the Light Blue! You are the Authority to your people. Give them daily content, motivate them, drive them to be better. Posting once a week or when you have time just does not cut. You have to be Consistent! It all does not have to be about your business.

I have a Brick & Mortar Store, will this work for me?


Physical Stores have a Great Advantage over Online Store. YOU! You get to talk to them. How many times have you been in a restaurant and on the table is an advertisement "Check in on Facebook and get a FREE ________"? There are so many ways to promote your local business in Social Media.

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