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Explanation of Services

Number of Days Posting

The Maximum number of consecutive days you can run the Post. You could start the Post on Day 20 or any other day you choose.



Ramp Up Available

Instead of doing a Post every day we can Ramp Up. Here is an example. Start the Post on Day 30, then Post on Day 20, then on Day 12 then everyday from Day 10 to Day 1.

Branded Post

You get the same High Quality Branding as you get with our other Plans.

Unique Anchor Hashtag

An Anchor Hashtag is an unique to your company Hashtag. As an Example; #WickedBodyJewelz, #NorthernStarProducts or #BuzzBrandBuilder. These are used to help BRAND your Company. When someone clicks on your Anchor Hashtag, they will see just your content.

URL to Event

Just like our other Post, we will include a URL in the body of the Post. This URL can go to your website, Event Sign Up or an Affiliate Link.

Embed Affiliate Link

You may decide to drive traffic to an Affiliate and let them do all the work. Get your Affiliate Link, give it to us and it will be in your Post Body.

Post to ALL SM Platforms

We can send your Post to Any or All your Social Media Platforms.

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